Enhancing Your Home’s Aesthetics: How to Expertly Apply Siding Over Brick

Are you thinking about an upgrade in the aesthetics of your exterior home? The process of installing brick siding on top can change the appearance of your house by giving it a new and contemporary appearance. We at Isaias Quality Constructions are experts in helping homeowners make this process smoothly. In this post, we’ll explain the steps and advantages of installing siding over brick to ensure a stunning and lasting result.

Understanding the Advantages of Siding Over Brick

The siding over brick offers numerous benefits, ranging from better aesthetics to increased insulation. Here’s a brief summary:

Aesthetic Appeal

The siding offers a range of colors, textures, and styles that will enhance the look of your house

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

The siding acts as an extra layer of insulation, resulting in more efficient thermal regulation to your house. This results in lower consumption of energy and lower bills for utilities all through the year.

Weather Resistance

The latest siding products are designed to withstand extreme conditions of the weather, providing longevity and durability, with minimal maintenance needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Siding Over Brick

The process of installing the bricks over siding requires careful planning and implementation. This comprehensive guide will assist you in achieving a flawless final result:

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Make sure to thoroughly clean the brick surface to get rid of any dust, dirt or dust.

Check for damage or cracks in the brickwork, and repair them if necessary.

Apply a primer layer to provide better adhesion for the siding.

Step 2: Measure and Cut the Siding

Take measurements of the walls with precision so that you can cut the siding in the correct dimension.

Utilize high-quality tools for cutting to ensure precise and clean cuts that allow for seamless installation.

Step 3: Install the Moisture Barrier

Install a barrier to prevent moisture on the surface of the brick to guard the brick’s interior from any moisture damage.

Step 4: Attach Furring Strips

Set furring strips horizontally above the barrier of moisture to create an the perfect surface to allow siding installation.

Step 5: Install the Siding

Start with one corner, and work in a horizontal direction and securely attach each siding panel to furring strips with the appropriate fasteners.

Be sure to ensure proper alignment and spacing between panels to achieve an aesthetic pleasing appearance.


The aesthetics of your home can be improved by installing siding on brick is an exciting venture. The advantages of better appearance, insulation, and weatherproofing are a compelling option for those who want to upgrade. Following our step-bystep guide you can install siding on brick creating a stunning and durable exterior for your home. If you require professional guidance and assistance during this process, please reach out for help at the number (470) 314-8228. We are BBB-accredited general contractors we will ensure that your home improvement project is smooth and enjoyable.

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